Nikolai rubtsov


A collection of poems by Nikolai Rubtsov.    
Nikolai Rubtsov is a famous Russian lyrical poet of the mid 20th century.The Russian North and the countryside, the simple village life are the main themes of the poet’s creative work. «Silent Lyrics» by Nikolai Rubtsov is imbued of an elegiac mood, love for the homeland and spiritual quests.
To work on the illustrations we took a short trip to Vologda and the Vologda region. In these places Rubtsov spent most of his life. On our illustrations you can see the house in the village of Nikolskoe, where the poet was born, the views of Vologda in the 60s, the poet’s monument in Tot’ma city and other elements that tell us about his life.
«Silent Lyrics» by Nikolai Rubtsov was published by Rech Publishers in 2019.

sketches and work process