childhood in the USSR


We are lucky with themes of books we work with. To a certain extent, we know it before we start working. So it doesn’t take us a lot of time to get ready. We need maximum one month before we start working on the pictures. After reading the text we already have embodied image in our heads. А visual image of the future illustrations: what colors, plans and characters are needed. Then comes the gathering of information. When we worked on the book «DADISHUMANTOO» we drew on images from our childhood. The book describes the 1980s, the late Soviet Union. We still remember many things from this time: black and white photographs, carpets on the walls, tumbler dolls and painted iron horizontal bars in the courtyards. Everything of it is very familiar to us. We have tried to reproduce these details in the illustrations.
The author of the text is Andrei Yadryshnikov. «DADISHUMANTOO» was published in 2019 by Rech Publishing, St. Petersburg.