about us

Hello! We are twin sisters Anya and Varya Kendel.
Since childhood we have been painting our pictures together. And now it has become our profession.

We were born and grew up in the Urals, studied at the Chelyabinsk Art School, and then at the Faculty of Book and Easel Graphics at the Stieglitz Academy in St. Petersburg. Since 2018, we have been working with various publishers and companies around the world.
The technique in which we now work is best described as a «mix.» We use different materials, combining them in one work: watercolor, acrylic, gouache, ink, pencils, charcoal and collage.
In our free time, we try to travel. We enjoy the spirit of adventure, hitchhiking, the joys and challenges of hiking. All of this helps to inspire us to do new and interesting projects.



                Grand Prix BIBF Ananas 2020 

       World illustration Awards, shortlist, 2021

              Grand Prix Berrywaterfest, 2020

         Golden Pinwheel CCBF, shortlist, 2021

         «Book Inside» Samokat, laureates 2020 

           Grand Jury Prize BIBF Ananas, 2021

          Golden Apple of BIB 2021 Bratislava 

         Golden Pinwheel CCBF, shortlist, 2020

  Cheltenham illustration awards, shortlist, 2021

          «New Children’s Book», longlist, 2021

  Cheltenham illustration awards, shortlist, 2020

  «Image of the Book» , three nominations, 2021

Laureates «Image of the Book», 2019

        «New Children’s Book», laureates, 2019