Our Earth is breathing


In summer we usually go to Kola peninsula to have a rest. Of course we just adore autumn nature. Therefore we are very glad when a book or order resonates with our inner feeling. So it was with the book «Our Earth is breathing» by Evgeniya Basova. This book contains two stories – «Our Earth is breathing. Short stories about the North», and a fairy tale «Sasha the Scientist and Dimka the Hooligan». We wanted to very gently supplement the text with illustrations, which take us back to our childhood. We worked through the images of nature. In first case it is the far north: territory of hills, larches and dwarfish birches with leaves as coins. Heroes of the second story live in a village of a midland of Russia. Around you can see green hills, small quiet rivers and dense woods. The book was published by Detskoye Vremya Publishing House in 2020.